Vendor Spotlight: Eno's Baked

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Our next Vendor Spotlight highlights Eno’s Baked, LLC. Each week, Eno’s Baked brings a variety of freshly prepared foods. Be sure to catch Jonathan during one of the Markets this summer - and read below to learn a little about what items are coming to the Fall menu!

Eno’s Baked, LLC is a Cottage food business based in Bogart, GA in Clarke County. We have been in business since February 1, 2019. My names is Jonathan Ramsden and I am the owner and sole member of the LLC. I have no employees and do all of the baking, marketing and sales operations. 

Eno’s Bakes specializes in baked goods of any type with an emphasis on quality ingredients and scratch preparation. My goal is to create traditional products with excellence.  My menu includes cookies, pies, tarts, cakes, soft pretzels, cinnamon buns and everything between as well as candy including caramel, fudge, brittles and chocolates.

It looks like you bake both sweet and savory treats. Could you give us some idea of the variety of goods you sell from week to week?

“A typical market menu has 8 items that I prepare fresh for that market. My mainstays are “Eno’s Hand Tarts” which is a takeoff on a toaster tart or pop tart and Bavarian Pretzels made in the traditional nap Germanic method. I usually have 2 or 3 varieties of cookies including Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal, Double Chocolate, Almond and others. I have several varieties of a Biscotti including Chocolate Chip Walnut, White Chocolate Pistachio and Lemon Almond. I usually have one flavor of pound cake available. I also like to include a pastry at each market with flavors ranging from Apple, Blueberry, Fig, Apricot etc. I have recently added cheese straws to my menu as well.” 

Are there any recipes you are looking forward to including for the Fall?

“For the fall I am looking forward to having various candies and chocolate pastries that do not hold up in the summer heat. You can look forward to old fashioned fudge, caramel and  chocolate dipped cookies.”

What is one skill or baking tip you wish you would have learned sooner? 

“As far as baking tips or skills go, I learn something new just about every day. Some things seem so simple that I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of it years ago but such is the world of food preparation. The correct method to prepare pie crust was a revelation to me. So simple but I didn’t learn it until last year at a King Arthur pastry class.”

When you are baking, is there a favorite show or channel you like to watch? Or a favorite station/album you enjoy listening to?

“When I am baking I love to watch MLB Network. I am an avid baseball fan and I usually have 1 or 2 fantasy teams going each year. As far as food shows I love the “Chef’s Table” series on Netflix. I am also a big fan of “Food Truck Races”. The Great British Baking Show has been enjoyable as well.”

What is the baked item you are most proud of? What is the most challenging thing you like to bake? 

“The most enjoyable thing I make is something new. I love to learn something new. New flavors, new techniques. It’s all fun and challenging. The most challenging thing for me in a cottage kitchen environment is laminated pastry. I haven’t perfected it yet with only my hands and a rolling pin but I am still trying.”

Do you take weekly orders? How can folks support you long-term? 

“I do not have a weekly or “subscription” plan as of yet. I love the idea and am hoping to incorporate that in the near future.”